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Why to Become a Member of BAPET?

● To know that your ideas for the development of cave and eco tourism in Bulgaria will be popularized and realized.

● To be sure that your interests will be defended before all institutions – central and local governments, political parties, public and non-political organizations, legal and physical persons, as well as international organizations.

● To be able to participate in events and initiatives organized by BAPET.

● To have access to information related to various innovative programs financed by the State and by EU funds. You can obtain project application forms from all regional BAPET offices.

● All BAPET members (except for physical persons) may publish a short presentation of their organization at BAPET's web page as part of their membership benefits package.

● BAPET has the necessary expertise to conduct research of tourist resources, develop tourist services, products and programs, develop and execute quality improvement training programs, as well as provide its members with consultations in the mentioned above fields.

● All members may ask for consultancy and assistance from the managing bodies of BAPET on various issues related to their own activity.

● Our members and all interested parties will be informed about latest news, interesting events in the country and abroad, new tendencies and innovations related to alternative tourism.


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2 Main Goals
3 Why to Become a Member of BAPET
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