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Main Goals

● To develop and encourage various types and forms of cave and eco tourism, through attracting more young people and popularizing Bulgaria's natural and cultural landmarks abroad. This type of tourism conveys new messages and hopes to the public space and promotes respect for nature and history as a priority.

● To cultivate ecological culture among Bulgarian citizens with the aim to preserve Bulgaria's unique nature.

● To realize marketing, educational and scientific research activities

● To cooperate with central and local governments in implementing independent or joint activities.

● To attract and cooperate with Bulgarian and foreign investors, to provide tourist services and establish small and medium sized enterprises for realization of its main activity.

● To implement projects and assist for the participation of BAPET members in Bulgarian and international programs and initiatives in the field of tourism.

● To contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of the quality of tourist services and infrastructure, and actively support others working in this sector.

● Our endeavor is to make Bulgaria an important and intriguing destination for alternative tourism, preserving its nature for the generations to come.

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2 Main Goals
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